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Scottie dog fabric features the charming silhouette of the Scottish Terrier, a breed known for its distinctive shape and playful spirit. This type of fabric has become a favorite among crafters, quilters, and designers, offering a whimsical touch to various projects. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy quilt, stylish garments, or unique home decor, Scottie dog fabric offers a delightful pattern that adds personality to any creation.

Explore Our Exclusive Range of Scottie Dog Prints

Our Scottie dog fabric collection celebrates creativity and diversity in design, tailored to meet the needs of every fabric enthusiast, from the amateur crafter to the professional designer. We take great satisfaction in providing a unique collection that embodies the endearing Scottish Terrier’s distinct character in various designs and styles. Here’s what makes our collection stand out:

  1. Variety of Patterns: Whether you prefer subtle, understated designs or bold, vibrant prints, our range has something to catch every eye. From minimalist black and white sketches to colorful, cartoonish depictions filled with playful elements, each piece is designed with distinct artistic attention.
  2. Seasonal and Limited-Edition Designs: We keep our collection fresh and exciting by regularly introducing seasonal patterns and limited-edition prints. These special fabrics are perfect for holiday-themed projects, special occasions, or to add a rare piece to your collection.
  3. Custom Print Options: We can create custom prints for you if you want something unique. To make your project unique, you can have your very own Scottie dog design printed on the fabric of your choice.
  4. Eco-Friendly Printing Techniques: We use eco-friendly printing techniques to minimize environmental impact. Our sustainable practices ensure the fabric looks good and is kind to the planet.
  5. High-Resolution Imagery: We use the latest digital printing technology to ensure every fabric print features sharp, clear, and vibrant images. This high-resolution printing brings out the depth and richness of colors, making the fabric come alive.
  6. Wide Range of Fabric Materials: Our Scottie dog prints are available in various materials to suit different projects. Whether you’re looking for something soft and breathable, like cotton for clothing, or something more durable, like canvas for upholstery and outdoor use, we have you covered.

By exploring our exclusive range of Scottie dog prints, you’ll discover the perfect fabric to elevate your next project, reflecting your style and creativity. Each fabric is more than just material; it’s an inspiration, waiting to be transformed into something magical.

Premium Quality Fabric for Durability and Comfort

Our Scottie dog fabrics are designed with aesthetic appeal in mind and a strong focus on durability and comfort. To help you select the perfect fabric for your project, we provide a detailed breakdown of our fabric types, their quality features, and comfort levels. Here’s a table summarizing the options available:

Fabric Type Quality Features Comfort Level Materials Available Colors
Cotton Soft, durable, easy to wash, colorfast High – breathable, soft 100% Cotton Various including pastels, vibrant tones, and neutrals
Polyester Resistant to shrinking and stretching Medium – less breathable 100% polyester Bright and fade-resistant colors
Canvas High durability, excellent for upholstery Low – stiffer, robust Cotton-polyester blend Earth tones, natural colors
Flannel Extra soft, great for colder projects Very High – warm and cozy 100% cotton or cotton blend Warm colors, classic plaids
Linen Naturally strong, moth resistance High – very breathable 100% linen Neutral and muted tones

Every kind of cloth is hand-selected to guarantee that it satisfies our exacting requirements for durability and quality. Whether you are making a lightweight summer dress, cozy winter accessories, or decorative home furnishings, our fabrics provide both comfort and longevity.


  • Cotton: Ideal for clothing and general crafts, offers comfort and easy maintenance.
  • Polyester: Best for outdoor projects and items that require a lot of wear and tear.
  • Canvas: Perfect for heavy-duty projects like bags and furniture coverings.
  • Flannel: Excellent choice for cozy, warm projects.
  • Linen: Suitable for upscale and comfortable clothing and décor.

With various materials and colors, our Scottie dog fabric collection ensures that every creation is beautiful, built to last, and comfortable. Select the fabric that best meets the requirements of your project, then enjoy crafting with assurance.

Affordable Pricing Without Compromising Quality

We are committed to competitively offering our Scottie dog fabrics without compromising quality and craftsmanship. Whether you’re purchasing substantial numbers for commercial requirements or smaller amounts for personal projects, our price structure is made to offer exceptional value. Here’s a detailed look at our pricing:

Fabric Type Price per Yard Bulk Pricing (20+ Yards) Quality Assurance Best For
Cotton $12 $10 per yard Colorfast, machine washable Quilts, clothing, crafts
Polyester $9 $7 per yard Fade-resistant, durable Outdoor furnishings, durable clothing
Canvas $15 $12 per yard High durability, suitable for upholstery Bags, upholstery, heavy-duty projects
Flannel $10 $8 per yard Extra soft, perfect for warmth Winter clothing, bedding
Linen $18 $15 per yard Luxurious, natural feel, strong Upscale apparel, home décor

 Additional Financial Benefits:

  • Seasonal Promotions: We offer discounts that further reduce prices during specific times of the year, perfect for stocking up on favorites.
  • Loyalty Discounts: Regular customers can benefit from our loyalty discount program, which offers incremental savings on future purchases.
  • Free Shipping: Free shipping offers Even more savings on orders over $50.

This pricing table showcases how our Scottie dog fabric remains affordable for all purchasing needs. By taking advantage of bulk pricing and other discount opportunities, customers can enjoy high-quality fabric at prices that meet their budget, ensuring that hobbyists and professional designers can access the best materials without breaking the bank.

Creative Uses for Scottie Dog Fabric

With its charming patterns and durable quality, Scottie dog fabric is an excellent choice for various creative and crafting projects. Our fabric can turn commonplace objects into fascinating pieces of art, whether you are a professional looking for unusual materials or a hobbyist wanting to add a personal touch to your projects. Here are some innovative and fun ways to use Scottie dog fabric:

Home Decor Enhancements

  • Cushion Covers and Throw Pillows: Add a playful touch to your living room or bedroom with Scottie dog fabric pillow covers.
  • Curtains: Craft curtains for a nursery or children’s room to introduce a whimsical theme.
  • Table Linens: Create table runners and placemats for a unique dining experience.

Fashion Statements

  • Tote Bags: Sew stylish and sturdy tote bags that are perfect for everyday use.
  • Scarves: Make lightweight scarves for a chic, canine-inspired accessory.
  • Children’s Clothing: Design adorable outfits like dresses and cute, comfortable rompers.

Quilting Projects

  • Quilt Blocks: Incorporate Scottie dog prints into quilt patterns for a personalized touch.
  • Blankets and Throws: Create cozy blankets ideal for gifts or personal use.

Craft Ideas

  • Scrapbooking: Use fabric scraps to embellish scrapbook pages or make fabric stickers.
  • Book Covers: Sew unique book covers that protect your reads in style.
  • Pet Accessories: Craft pet bandanas or small pet beds for furry friends.

Seasonal Crafts

  • Holiday Decorations: Utilize festive-colored Scottie dog fabric for holiday-specific projects like Christmas stockings or Halloween treat bags.
  • Gift Wrapping: Use fabric pieces instead of paper for an eco-friendly, reusable gift-wrapping option.

Educational Tools

  • Fabric Flashcards: Sew flashcards for children using different Scottie dog patterns to aid learning and engagement.

These ideas demonstrate the flexibility of Scottie dog fabric across various domains, encouraging customers to think beyond traditional uses. By tapping into this versatility, crafters and creators can produce unique, customized items that reflect their personality and style, making everyday objects come alive with the spirited imagery of Scottie dogs.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Customer satisfaction is our first goal at our store, and the positive comments and reviews we get about our Scottie dog fabric speak for themselves. Here are some key elements of our Customer Reviews section that help new customers feel confident in their purchasing decisions:

High Praise for Quality and Design

Customers regularly compliment our Scottie dog fabric’s high-quality material and vibrant, lasting colors. Many reviews highlight how the fabric retains its texture and hue even after multiple washes, making it a favorite for projects that see a lot of use.

Success Stories from Personal Projects

Our review section contains customer stories detailing their creative projects with our fabric. From homemade quilts and stylish tote bags to unique children’s clothing and festive decorations, customers share photos and stories that showcase their creativity and illustrate the fabric’s versatility.

Positive Feedback on Customer Service

Reviews often mention our responsive and helpful customer service team. Customers appreciate the support they receive, whether they’re asking about fabric care, seeking advice on suitable fabric types for specific projects, or needing assistance with orders.

Ratings and Testimonials

Each product page features a star rating system where customers can leave a rating from 1 to 5 stars and a written review. These ratings help new customers gauge the overall satisfaction of previous buyers and provide quick insight into the product’s reputation.

Featured Reviews

We regularly feature detailed customer reviews and promotional materials on our homepage. These selected testimonials are particularly compelling and cover various uses, from professional applications in fashion design to personal crafting hobbies.

Encouragement for Feedback

We actively encourage all customers to leave feedback after their purchase. We can continuously improve our goods and services by promoting an open discussion based on real customer experiences and comments.

Community Engagement

We also share customer reviews and project stories on our social media platforms, creating a community of crafters inspired by each other’s work. This engagement helps new customers see the practical applications of our fabric and provides them with new ideas for their projects.


What types of Scottie dog fabric are available?

We offer a wide range of Scottie dog prints, including cotton, flannel, and canvas materials in various colors and styles to suit all your crafting needs.

Can I purchase Scottie’s dog fabric in bulk?

Yes, bulk purchases are available and come with a discount. Please get in touch with our customer service for more details and to place a bulk order.

Is this fabric suitable for children’s clothing?

Absolutely! Our Scottie dog fabric is made from high-quality, durable materials for children’s apparel. They are soft to the touch, comfortable, and hold up well to frequent washing.

How do I care for Scottie’s dog fabric?

Most of our Scottie dog fabrics are machine washable in cold water with similar colors. We recommend tumbling dry on low and using a warm iron for the best care.

Do you ship Scottie dog fabric internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally, so you can enjoy our Scottie dog fabric no matter where you are located. Shipping times and fees vary based on destination.

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Conclusion: Start Your Next Project with Scottie Dog Fabric

In conclusion, whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting, our Scottie dog fabric offers the perfect blend of quality, affordability, and charm. With a wide array of prints and the assured durability of our materials, you’re equipped to start any project confidently. Embrace the creativity that Scottie dog fabric inspires and bring your ideas to life. Come check out our inventory and get everything you need to make something unique when you visit our store today. Remember, when you choose our fabrics, you’re not just buying material—you’re investing in your creativity and the satisfaction of a beautifully completed project.

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